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Welcome Daycare Directors!

We know you are working hard to make the best decisions possible for your daycare
for this academic year. Kudos to you for the job you are doing. We wanted to let you know about the virtual services at TelePlay Therapy. These services can be a real benefit to your daycare and the children you serve.


TelePlay Therapy has been offering Speech Therapy services since 2006 virtually and would love to contract with you to meet the needs of your students. TelePlay Therapy
is an easy decision for you.

Documents and File Download

Here you will find material that you may need along the way. Letter for Parents

Poster for classroom (coming soon)



Create a TelePlay Therapy
ion at your Daycare

We will provide you with the below materials to create a TelePlay Therapy Station at your daycare where children can meet one on one with our team of Speech Therapists.

-A laptop for children to virtually meet one-on-one our Speech Therapists for a 30 minute session while at daycare


-TelePlay Therapy Poster

-Brochures and further information for parents

Benefits of having of TelePlay Therapy at your Daycare

We will provide

Our Therapists

Meet a few members of our team.  Learn more about our team here.



What Parents are Saying!






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