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"TelePlay Therapy worked with my son, and I FULLY support them.  He went through many different therapies and TelePlay Therapy, and one of their staff particularly Mallory, brought my son so far. He was nonverbal. They had him ready for PRE-K, and his words increased dramatically." - Lindsey


Developmental Play Coaching is based on the evidence-based early intervention programs that TelePlay Therapy has been providing for over a decade. Our trained therapeutic coaches work with parents/guardians and their child to reach goals established through conducting assessments and gathering input by the caregiver. Therapeutic coaches guide parents in creative play and learning experiences to help their child learn techniques to manage barriers to their development. Therapeutic play activities can include songs, building figures, matching items, manipulating objects, games, and more, all while incorporating the child’s needs along the way. You will not even realize you are in a therapeutic session because you will be having so much fun with your child!



Developmental Coaching is a strategic intervention program that has a child- and family-centered approach. Geared toward the older child, the therapeutic coach provides guidance to the parent/guardian and the child throughout the session to help in reaching established goals. The goals for the child are determined by an evaluation assessment and input from the caregiver. These goals can range from learning to deal with social situations to increasing fine motor skills to so much more. The therapeutic coach will offer games and activities for the parents to do with the child during each session. Developmental Coaching is a fun way to connect with your child, help him/her with areas where they may have developmental delays, and establish a better foundation for your child and your family.

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Parental Coaching is a program that was added in an effort to help parents who need a little guidance in the tremendous job of raising your children. Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs you will have. Many people wonder if they are doing it right, or how to overcome certain challenges. TelePlay Therapy Parental Coaching experts are here to help! Whether you are a new mom or a dad of a preteen, parental coaches work with you and give you tools to be a better parent and model for your child. Some sessions will center around time with you, and others may include your child or family. Whatever the concern, let TelePlay Therapy Parental Coaching help you feel empowered in your parenting journey.

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After signing up for one of our programs, we reach out to you to complete intake process. Following the intake process, you will be paired with a top notch therapeutic professional! This professional will reach out to you to set up a meet & greet session. Then the journey begins!

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