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Q: What is TelePlay Therapy?

A: We are a virtually based company that offers three departments of services with the mission to help every child succeed!  Our Developmental Coaching programs are a comprehensive practice that focuses on the whole child with the ability to cover all areas of child development and growth. We also have specialized, licensed areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Child Counseling.  Our Child Success Programs help children through tutoring, reading help, and developmental growth. Therapy sessions are flexible, helping those with busy schedules, provide privacy with
one-on-one time, and gives you and your child the comfort of any location because therapy sessions are 100% online.

Q:Are the services affordable?

A:Yes! TelePlay Therapy is a very affordable option for your family. Our pricing is VERY competitive with our top competitors, and the sessions are not much more than an insurance co-pay. We also offer affordable monthly payments. Call us today for a quote at 919-480-8589!

Q: What area sessions like?

A: FUN! We use a state-of-the art technology platform for meetings which includes interactive activities and games. We use an innovative approach engaging delivery for parent and child with activities that focus on positive child development. We utilize a coaching model for long-term positive effects. You can have peace of mind because we always have experienced  experts available to you even if there is a shortage of therapists in your area.

Q: Are sessions really all virtual?

A: Yes! Every step of the process is 100% online. Also, you can have ease of mind that every email, form, and video sessions are all secure, trusted, and HIPAA compliant. Qualified therapeutic coaches with years of experience working in child development are trained to meet your needs through this virtual platform. Meeting with therapeutic coaches virtually can help you avoid any outside pressures or undue stigmas that may come with seeking services. TelePlay Therapy provides a more sanitary environment for children with susceptible immune systems limiting the number of people coming into your house, especially during peak seasons of communicable diseases.

Q: What ages are your services for?

A: Our programs are designed to be age-appropriate for a variety of ages due to the individualized nature of our sessions.  The ages for our Developmental Coaching programs include: Developmental Play Coaching for 3-6 year olds, Developmental Coaching for 7-10 year olds, and Parental Coaching program for Caregivers of children 2-10 year olds. Our specialized Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Child Counseling, as well as our Child Success Programs are for children starting at 3 years old.  If you have questions about the age of your child for a particular program, please contact us.

Q: Is there any information or ways to learn for parents?

A: Yes! We actually offer a program tailored for caregivers called Parental Coaching. Parental Coaching is a program that was added in an effort to help parents who need a little guidance in the tremendous job of raising your children. Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs you will have. Many people wonder if they are doing it right, or how to overcome certain challenges. TelePlay Therapy Parental Coaching experts are here to help! Whether you are the mom of a toddler or a dad of a preteen, parental coaches work with you and give you tools to be a better parent and model for your child. Some sessions will center around time with you, and others may include your child or family.

Q: Who are the therapeutic professionals?
A: Our Developmental Coaches are qualified therapeutic professionals with years of experience working in child development. We also have highly qualified Licensed Speech Pathologists, Licensed Occupational Therapists, and Child Counselors. You and your child will be able to have flexible and private one-on-one sessions with an engaging, friendly, certified therapeutic professional! Many clients develop fast, trusting relationships with our therapeutic coaches due to their caring nature.

Q:  Who are the Child Success Coaches?
A: The Tele-Success program coaches are expert educators and child development specialists.  They are well versed in methods for generating success for children in academic subjects, becoming fluent readers, and developmentally on-track or excelling.

Q: Is virtual for you?

A:  For families who cannot physically be at an appointment, due to social distancing, disability, transportation, scheduling, etc., TelePlay Therapy is a great option. A good choice for people with tight schedules to accommodate the family’s schedule. No more drive time or wait time! No babysitters for your other children! We serve children of all ability levels, from delayed to advanced. Try it and be convinced that it is an effective method of delivering therapeutic services in an environment that is better for your family. You can sign up for a FREE, no-obligation 15-minute consultation with a TelePlay Therapy therapeutic professional!

Q: Is a parent included in the therapy sessions?
A: Yes! Parents are included in the Teleplay Therapy sessions. Our goal is to make sure that caregivers have the tools needed to help your child succeed. But we also understand that sometimes older children may benefit from some one-on-one time with their therapeutic professional, as well.

Q: Do you accept my insurance?
A: This is one of the most common questions we get at TelePlay Therapy. People want to know if we accept their health insurance for services we provide. TelePlay Therapy is a self-pay company for all of our services.  At times, insurance companies may cover Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, or Child Counseling. However, we do not file for payment with insurance companies; we bill families directly. BUT, this can be a benefit for you and us! Depending on your insurance company and the level of coverage, you may end up paying about the same for services or even less. Contracting with insurance companies is costly for businesses like TelePlay Therapy. Keeping our payment model as self-pay, we are able to keep our prices affordable. Learn more by clicking here.

Q: Is TelePlay Therapy as effective as face-to-face services?

A: Yes! Research shows that virtual therapy, counseling, and coaching services are easily effective via means like TelePlay Therapy. Video therapy has been used for decades and dates back to 1991.  Therapies conducted through remote avenues have proven results in overcoming barriers associated with face-to-face therapy appointments. Our clients are highly engaged with our therapeutic professionals and receive individualized attention and support even though they may be located miles apart. TelePlay Therapy is not a subscription service or counseling platform. We provide one-on-one sessions for clients.

Q: How long are the programs?

A: Studies show that consistency of developmental therapy is needed in order to show measurable, sustainable progress on a child’s goals. Therefore, TelePlay Therapy has designed its therapeutic programs to be at least 3 months in length, which can be renewed. TelePlay Therapy conducts assessments to see how your child has progressed. It is just like other areas of skill development or behavior change…the more you do it, the better the results. 
Think about swimming lessons, the more lessons your child has, the better swimmer they become. We do allow parents to choose a plan that best meets the needs of your family.  Contact us to see what frequency and commitment length will work best for you!

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