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Development Quiz
Are you curious about your child’s development? Take TelePlay Therapy’s age-appropriate quiz to raise your awareness of where your child should be developmentally. Child Development refers to the way kids grow. This includes physical growth, emotional growth, communication and speech, problem solving, social skills, coordination, cognition, behaviors, and more. Experts have established “milestones” to be the guidelines for parents to see the skills that children should develop at certain ages.
But, each child is different and develops at his/her own pace. If a child is not meeting recognizable milestones common for certain age groups,
they may have a developmental delay and intervention services can help get your child back on track. Sometimes, if a child is falling behind developmental milestones, we may not realize it simply because we do not know. The quizzes are great tools for you to use to learn more about how your child compares to peers. The Child Development Quizzes are meant to help you become more aware of your child’s needs and are not used for diagnosis or to insinuate that your child has a developmental delay.


Does your child...
* Have a delay to walk, speak, or play with others?

* Have difficulty with behaviors?

* Exhibit delays in thinking?  Or advanced in his/her thinking abilities?

* Slow to develop relationships with others or
respond to
   them appropriately?

* Have trouble performing daily living tasks such
as feeding or
  dressing one’s self?

* Do well but would benefit from strengthening life skills like 
   emotional intelligence and communication skills?

* Experience anxiety and/or depression?

* Exposed to toxic stress?

* Seem to fall behind their peers in childhood milestones?

* Need more of a challenge because he/she
is exceeding milestones?

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The Importance of TeleTherapy

It takes less than 5 minutes!
Quick and fun way to see how your child
compares with their peers:


3 year old quiz
4 year old quiz
5 year old quiz
6 year old quiz
7 year old quiz
8 year old quiz

9 year old quiz

10 year old quiz

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