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"At first I was nervous about how TelePlay Therapy was going to go over with my 5 year old, autistic son. Would a virtual platform even work at all with a child who is so easily distracted, super busy, and prone to meltdowns? It did work! Once we settled into the sessions, my son and I began to develop a great relationship with our trainer, who was extremely patient, flexible, and professional, and we both learned the platform and what to expect. We started to look forward to each session with excitement. My son seemed to enjoy the ‘work’ part of the sessions almost as much as he did the ‘reward games’! It was all a time of fun and games for him. Most importantly, I began to see improvements in my son’s behavior, communication skills, and fine motor skills after several sessions! I would encourage hesitant parents to give TelePlay Therapy a try, it really can and does work, even with the most difficult of kids!" - Liza

"When my son Michael turned 3 years old his services ended because he aged out. I was very distraught until I learned about TelePlay Therapy. Michael received services from the time he was 3 years old until he turned 5 years old. Michael loved Ms. Valerie and looked forward to seeing her every chance he had. It was a win-win with our family. My son qualified for a pre-school service, but I was so worried about him in a Pre-K setting because of his Autism. I was so grateful that TelePlay Therapists met us where we were. They wanted to help our family in every way that we needed. Ms. Valerie helped Michael transition from training pants to boxers while working with him in his preschool setting. I really appreciate her advice and that Michael felt so comfortable with her. She was such a great avenue in helping Michael with his Autism so that he could merge successfully in the classroom. I never thought he could overcome his sensory processing disorder to get messy, sticky, and deal with sound, but she never gave up. Ms. Valerie is like family to Michael and he will never forget her. My child loved and trusted the person who helped him overcome so much because of her patience and understanding. I highly recommend TelePlay Therapy!" - Rachel

"TelePlay Therapy worked with my son, and I FULLY support them.  He went through many different therapies and TelePlay Therapy, and one of their staff particularly Mallory, brought my son so far. He was nonverbal. They had him ready for PRE-K, and his words increased dramatically." - Lindsey

"My 6 year old son enjoys the sessions! Beth does a great job asking probing questions and being super positive.  She is helping him to understand that he controls his actions and behaviors (and not his parents)." -Erin

"I joined TelePlay Therapy mostly because I wanted to see if my child was on track developmentally.  He seemed to be doing ok, but I wanted an expert’s opinion.  One thing that was very impactful was during one of the activities, my son could not identify positive emotions!  He could identify someone who was mad or sad, but could not identify someone who was happy or excited.  I had no idea!  As a parent, I had only worked on negative emotions.  This really helped me to see where there were gaps in my parenting! " - Charles

"I am a parent who has a 5 year old daughter with selective mutism. I have been searching a play program on the virtual platform and has to be live and one and one. I found Teleplay Therapy for my daughter during this pandemic to improve her social skills. Her session is so engaging and focuses on what exactly we are looking for her which is learning social skills and building confidence. My daughter loves her therapist and is looking forward to meet with her each session. We are so blessed to have this Teleplay Therapy in our life these uncertain times." -Ebru

"Teleplay Therapy was a great option for our family. We started with them in April; due to the covid crisis we wanted a no contact option. Now I can happily say this therapy well exceeded the in person options we had tried before. I highly recommend trying it for your family."

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